Sample Chapters

Data Reduction

What does an inclinometer measure? How are units displayed by the readout converted to inches or mm of displacement?

Inclinometer Accuracy

How accurate can an inclinometer be? What are the implications for data reduction?

Inclinometer Graphs

Learn the difference between the different types of graphs. Which report ground behavior? Which are diagnostic?

Bias-Shift Error

Look for straight lines in your plots.

Rotation Error

Look for sweeping curves in your plots

Depth Errors

Look for displacements that appear to be offset in depth or appear on either side of the zero line.

Countering Casing Buoyancy

What's the best way to keep casing in the borehole after you backfill with grout?

Advances in Inclinometer Data Analysis

This is the paper Erik Mikkelsen presented at FMGM in Norway.

Inclinometer Course Booklet

Inclinometer Course Booklet