Water Level Indicator FAQs

My water level indicator needs a new cable and probe. Can you repair it?
Yes. Click this link to learn how to return your water level indicator to the factory.
Can I buy replacement parts for my water level indicator and fix it myself?
I lost the probe from my water level indicator. Can I buy a new one and attach it myself?

Yes. Here are instructions for attaching the probe.

Before you order just the replacement probe, check the graduations on your cable. Is it time to replace your cable? Also, if you lost your probe, your cable may have lost some cable with it. In that case, the depth marks will be incorrect when you attach the new probe.

When I turn my water level indicator on, the light comes on and stays on. The beeper doesn't sound. Can I fix this myself?
If the light stays on, there is probably water inside the probe. You can check this by opening up the reel and disconnecting one of the wires from the board inside. If the light goes out, check the probe to see if there is water inside. Then dry it out and try to find out why it leaked. You can order replacement parts . If the beeper stops working, we'll have to fix it at the factory. The beeper could be bad or the transistor that controls the beeper could be bad.