VW Data Recorder Q&A

Question: My Data Recorder is showing temperatures between 120 and 125 °C. What’s wrong?

Answer: The Data Recorder lets you read thermistors (now Slope Indicator’s standard) and RTDs. At the “type:” prompt, you must choose either RTD or thermistor. A reading such as the one you are getting is typical of reading a thermistor as an RTD. Make sure the type is set to thermistor and your readings will probably be normal.

Question: My Data Recorder stops responding after 10 or 15 minutes. What’s happening?

Answer: You probably have the standby timer set for 10 or 15 minutes. If you don’t press any keys for that length of time, the Recorder goes into low power standby mode to save battery power. To wake it up, press the Change key. If you want to change your standby timer setting, connect the Recorder to your computer and run the Manager program. Choose Edit Settings – Standby Timer, then enter a standby delay of days, hours, or minutes.

Question: I accidentally recorded readings in microstrain rather than in hz. How can I convert the microstrain reading to Hz?

Answer: The following formula is valid only with the microstrain reading displayed by the VW Data Recorder. It is not a general purpose formula for converting microstrain to Hz.

F = sqrt ( (microstrain reading + 2030.1) / 0.0007576).

F is the microstrain reading converted to Hz.