The DataMate Communications FAQ provides troubleshooting steps. You followed those steps and determined that the USB chip in your DataMate must be updated. These instructions tell how to perform the update.

Part 1: Requirements

  1. Find a PC that is running Windows XP (32-bit ).
  2. Install DMM.

Part 2: Update the USB Chip

  1. Unplug all USB devices connected to your PC ( except USB mouse and keyboard ).
  2. Connect the DataMate to the PC. Switch it on.
  3. Download “usb-update.zip”.
  4. Unzip the file. This creates a folder called “usb-update.”
  5. Open the usb-update folder.
  6. Open the Mprog folder.
  7. Double-click on Mprog.exe to run the USB update program.
  8. Click Device -> Scan. The status window at the bottom should show “Number of Programmed Devices= 1”. That device is the DataMate. If the number of devices is greater than one, there is some other device still connected. Disconnect that device and run the Scan command again.
  9. Click File -> Open. Select DigiDM_FTDI.ept” and click Open.
  10. Click Device -> Program. This will program the USB chip. The status window at the bottom should show “Programmed Serial Number SI00BE40”.
  11. The USB chip has been updated. Click File -> Exit.
  12. The DataMate should now work with newer versions of Windows.