Resetting the Digitilt DataMate

To do a "hard" reset, you must open the DataMate and remove power from the DataMate. The DataMate has two sources of power: the main battery and the back up battery. You'll disconnect both of them for about 30 seconds.

Be sure to ground yourself and the DataMate before performing this task.


First, disconnect the main battery. The battery is partially hidden behind an aluminum panel. At the top of the panel, you can see a red clip and a blue clip connected to tabs on the battery. Slide one of the clips off its tab.

picture of digitilt datamate with disconnected main battery

Next, turn the DataMate around so you are viewing the other side. To disconnect the backup battery, you'll remove a black plastic jumper. The jumper is located near the center of the circuit board.

digitilt datamate after it has been turned around to view other side

This is a zoomed in view with the jumper circled. Pull the jumper off. All power is now disconnected

Wait about 30 seconds, then slide the jumper back into place and reconnect the main battery on the other side. Finally, switch on the DataMate. It asks if you want to reset. Press the Enter key.

To verify the reset, go to the Utilities menu, select Date, and set the DataMate's clock. Check that the clock behaves normally. If seconds increment too quickly, disconnect both power sources, wait 30 seconds, reconnect, and repeat the actions above.

This is a zoomed in view with the jumper circled