DigiPro2 is distributed as a trial version. The trial version starts with advanced features enabled for 30 days. After 30 days, the advanced features are disabled and only basic features remain.

DigiPro2 “basic” is free to use and still provides database management and simple plotting. DigiPro2 basic can be converted to “advanced” at any time by entering an authenticated license key.

The DigiPro2 licensing system has changed. The new licensing system requires the user to download the software from our website and then select from the following options:

  • Request a new license
  • I have a license file
  • Start a trial (30 days)

When you select “Request a new license” the computer will generate a file named LicenseRequest.lic which will need to be emailed to support@slope.com. When you email the license request, please also include your existing license key or your order/invoice number, as applicable.

Upon receipt, DGSI staff will validate the license and send it back to the user. The user will open the program and navigate to the License screen, select “I have a license file” and then click Browse to attach the validated license. Please note that the validated license will ONLY work on the computer from which the license request file was generated. For each current valid license, we will issue one free replacement license.

Installing a License Key

Step1: Start DigiPro2 and click the License button. DigiPro2 then displays the license dialog

digipro-license-screen 1

Step 2: Select “I have a license file”. Click “Browse” and navigate to the location you downloaded and saved the authenticated license key. Click “Install”.

digipro-license-screen 2

Error Messages

Unhandled Exception

You must have permissions on your computer to access the C:\ProgramData\DigiPro2 folder. When you install your authenticated license, the program places the license in this folder. When you open the program after that, it looks for the license file to validate the installation. If you don’t have permission to access this folder, then the Advanced Features will never be turned on. You may need to contact your IT department to gain access to the folder or run the program as an administrator.

DigiPro - Unhandled Exception