DigiPro2 is distributed as a trial version with all the advanced features enabled. After 45 days, the advanced features are disabled unless you purchase and install a license key. The “basic” version is free to use and can be converted to the advanced version at any time. The table below provides a comparison between basic and advanced versions.

DigiPro2 Features
Create DPW databases
Retrieve surveys directly from Digitilt DataMate
Import dux files from Digitilt AT system
Convert mdb databases created by DMM
Import GTilt and other file formats
Export surveys data to many formats
Export processed data to txt, csv, dat, and image file
Vertical plots
Surveys per plot
Copy settings from one plot to another
Spiral Plot
Horizontal plots
Time-displacement plot
Magnitude plot, Direction plot
Top View plots
Mixed types of plots on the page.
Save plots as reports for use with new surveys
Save plots as templates for uniform appearance of reports
Title block with multiple columns, graphic logo in reports
Casing Corrections: Orientation, Spiral
Survey Corrections: Bias-shift, rotation, sensitivity, settlement, xy-translation
Representation of boring log on plot (toggle on/off)
Representation of field accuracy on plot (toggle on/off)