VW MiniLogger Terminal Mode

The following instructions tell how to use the MiniLogger Manager's terminal emulator with the MiniLoggers terminal mode. If you know how to use another terminal emulator, you can also use that

Example Terminal Session

Connect the MiniLogger to the PC.

Start the MiniLogger Manager program.

Click Help, and choose Terminal Mode.

A blank terminal screen appears.

Hit Enter rapidly a number of times.

The MiniLogger responds:

Enter “ds” and press Enter.

The MiniLogger displays readings continuously.

Values are Hz and degrees C.

Enter “qu” to quit this mode.

The MiniLogger says “Bye" and returns to logging mode.

  • Start communications mode by hitting Enter twice (This sends two carriage returns).
  • ra - displays all data records, which you can capture with the terminal program.
  • ds - reads sensor continously, displaying frequency and temp data.
  • zr - erase all data records.
  • qu - quit leaves monitor mode. ra - displays all data records, which you can capture with the terminal program.
  • sw<flag> - sw followed immediately by A, B, C, or D sets the sweep frequency.
  • sw - shows the current sweep frequency.
  • td<flag> - td followed immediately by R (for RTD) or T(for Thermistor) sets the temp sensor.
  • td - shows the current temp sensor setting.
  • ti - sets or shows realtime clock. syntax is: tihhmmssDDMMYYY
  • ts - sets start time info. syntax to start at a specific date and time is: ts0ddhhmmss1ddmmyyyyhhmmss0

The "0" says record forever, the "ddhhmmss" sets the interval as day hour min sec between readings, the "1" starts at the following date and time, The "dmmyyyyhhmmss" specifies the start day month year hour min sec (note that this start time must be in the future. A start time in the past will not allow the logger to wake up. The final zero 0 means record forever.