Question: Can I add a radio lid to my MiniLogger?

Answer: Yes, the the radio lid will work with all but the very earliest MiniLoggers. MiniLoggers with firmware earlier than version 1.8 will require a factory update.

To find what version of firmware is in your MiniLogger, connect the logger to the PC and run the MiniLogger Manager program. Then go to the Edit Settings menu and verify that the firmware version is 1.8 or later.

If your firmware version is earlier (a lower number), please contact the factory.

Question: I can’t establish communication with the MiniLogger. What’s wrong?

Answer: Have you installed a “hot link” program for synchronizing your palm top computer? Right-click on its icon and choose exit. If you can now communicate, the hot link program is causing interference and you must exit it before you use the MiniLogger Manager program.

Question: Can I use a terminal program to communicate with the VW MiniLogger?

Answer: Yes. There is also a terminal emulator built into the MiniLogger Manager program. Please note that the MiniLogger’s terminal mode is simply for checking the functions of the logger and not intended to support access by other automated means. More about Terminal Mode

Question: The MiniLogger Manager program does not display a choice of temperature sensor (RTD or thermistor) as indicated in the manual What’s wrong?

Answer: You probably have a version of firmware earlier than 1.17. You can see the version number in the “MiniLogger Info” dialog. Also, you may have an early version of the MiniLogger that did not support temperature readings. These MiniLoggers have just three terminals for connecting signal cable. Later versions that support temperature readings have 5 terminals.

Question: My MiniLogger has a radio lid. How can I change the channel it uses?

Answer: First, you must order a programming cable, part number 52613497. The programming cable is used to change the radio’s configuration parameters. You will also need our instructions:. Download instructions (pdf file).