Updating the Quattro Logger USB-Chip

Problem and Solution

The problem: The 64-bit versions of Vista and Windows now require "signed drivers" for USB ports. These versions of Windows will not accept the uncertified drivers supplied by DGSI. To address this problem, we have decided to use the solution provided by FTDI, the USB chip manufacturer.

Solution for new loggers: All new loggers will use USB chips with an FTDI "ID." We will also distribute FTDI drivers with our Logger Manager program. Of course, this does not solve the problem with older loggers.

Solution for older loggers: We have a two-part solution for older loggers. Part 1 is to update the ID on the USB chip. Part 2 is to install the latest version of the Logger Manager program.


Part 1: Updating the USB Chip

  1. Use a PC with 32-bit Windows for this update. 64-bit Windows will not work.
  2. Download “usb-update.zip”.
  3. Unzip the file. Open the folder and double click the file “usb-update.bat” to start the update.
  4. The 32 bit USB drivers will be preinstalled. You may be notified that the drivers are unsigned. Click Continue.
  5. Unplug USB devices connected to your PC. Your USB mouse can be left connected.
  6. Then connect the Quattro Logger to a USB port on your PC. The “Found New Hardware” wizard will start. You may be notified that the drivers are unsigned. Click Continue.
  7. The wizard completes installation of the drivers. Click Finish.
  8. Now, press any key. This starts a program called MProg.
  9. Choose Device. Then choose Scan. The status window at the bottom should show “Number of Programmed Devices= 1”. That device is the Quattro Logger. If the number of devices is greater than one, there is some other device still connected. Disconnect that device and run the Scan command again.
  10. Choose File. Then Choose Open. Select VWQuattro_FTDI_Pgm_B.ept” and click Open.
  11. Choose Device. Then choose Program. This will program the USB chip. The status window at the bottom should show “Programmed Serial Number SI00BE41”.
  12. The USB chip has been updated. If you have another Quattro Logger, connect it to perform the same update. Otherwise, choose File - Exit.


Part 2: Updating the Logger Manager and USB Drivers

  1. Download and install the newest version of the Logger Manager software. This is a replacement for the previous Quattro Logger Manager.
  2. Copy the FTDI drivers to your PC. Click here: copy drivers.
  3. Connect the Quattro Logger to your PC. A wizard completes installation of the drivers.