Setup for Point-to-Point Radios

MaxStream Spread Spectrum Modems

We currently support the XStream-PKG 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz spread spectrum modems.

Logger Radios: Order part number 58810260k (900 Mhz) or 58810250k (2.4 Ghz) Logger Radio. The radio includes a mounting bracket, power cable, serial cable, and quarter-wave antenna. One radio is required for each logger.

Base Station Radio: Order part 52613450 (900 Mhz) or 53613455 (2.4 Ghz) Base Station Radio. The base station radio includes a USB cable, USB drivers for the PC, and a quarter-wave antenna. Install the USB drivers before connecting the modem to the PC. Only one base station radio is required.


What must be configured? Each logger radio must be configured to have a unique ID. You can also change the data rate and the channel. Base station radios need no configuration.

  1. Connect: Power up the radio and connect it to a comm port on your PC.
  2. Start the Manager software.
  3. Choose Options: Choose “Options > Remote Radio Setup” from the menu bar.
  4. Serial Port: Choose the comm port where the radio is connected. If you don’t know, you’ll have to experiment. If you are using a USB to serial adaptor, then the comm port is likely to be one of the higher, double-digit numbers.
  5. Data Rate: Set to 9600 (the default).
  6. Use With: Choose the logger type.
  7. Radio ID: Enter a number that identifies this particular radio. We recommend using the logger serial number to avoid confusion and ensure uniqueness.
  8. Channel: The channel can be left at the default (5). If significant radio interference causing lost connections and delays is experienced on the site, the channel can be changed to any other channel 0 through 6.
  9. Click Program Button: This sends the configuration to the radio. Success or failure is shown in a message box when the operation completes.
  10. Final Steps: When programming is complete you should label the radio with the logger type, ID, and channel. This information will be needed later when establishing a connection from the Manager to the remote station.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check that the radio has power and is switched on.
  2. Set the radio to factory defaults: Switch off, then press and hold the reset button (near antenna) while you switch on.
  3. Check the comm port settings. You may have to experiment.

Notes on VW MiniLogger Radio Lids

Order 52613356 for 900 Mhz or 52613360 for 2.4 Ghz radio lids. This modem is plug-and-play, requiring no additional setup by the user. The ID, data rate, and channel have been preset at the factory.