DigiPro2 Manual

(ES) DigiPro2 Manual

It lets you retrieve surveys from the DataMate and make simple plots. DigiPro2 Advanced adds correction routines, saved reports, and many other features.
See the DigiPro2 FAQ

  • Digitilt Reader APK. (APK is an Android setup file). This is the Android inclinometer reader app. For installation instructions, click here.


Logger Manager

What’s new in 1.17.1?

  • Support for upcoming V1 Logger launch
  • Several screens widened to improve readability
  • Changing V-Logger RS232 baud rate automatically updates Logger Manager baud rate if connected over RS232
  • Various bug fixes


When updating V-Logger firmware, a USB connection should be used. Do not update via a radio link.


The GTecLink app can be downloaded directly to your Android phone or tablet via the link above. Once it has downloaded, use a file manager app to navigate to your Downloads folder and tap the icon for the application. It will install on your device and be ready to use. Please note that the app will not run unless it is connected to one of the GTecLink nodes.


USB to Serial Adapter Cable (50310959)

The download file is called It is about 2MB. After downloading the file, unzip it, and run the .exe to install the driver. This driver is required for Windows 8.1 and newer operating systems.

Atlas FTP Transfer

FTP Scheduler

Java FTP Scheduler (v2.1.1) works with Atlas. The download file is called It is about 600 kB. After downloading the file, unzip it, and run the .exe set up program. This program requires the free Java runtime, which you must download separately if it is not already installed on your PC. Also, consider printing the Instructions for FTP Scheduler.

WinSAS Data Collecting Software


WINSAS™ is a serial acquisition system used in conjunctions with the E-405 Smart Digital Indicators that are modified for serial port communication. The software is formulated for common laboratory tests such as shear strength, consolidation and penetration.


PDF document for DGSI's software license policy.

With the exception of DigiPro for Windows and DigiPro 2, software listed on this website is not copy protected and may be installed on any number of computers.


Please follow this link to find software programs that DGSI is no longer supporting and will not be updated for future versions of Windows. Please note that the retired software has been superceded by the programs on this page.