Wet Washing Sieve


The Wet Washing Sieve has a No. 200 stainless steel screen and is used in soils analysis to remove the minus 200 portion. Water is sprayed over the known sample mass on the sieve to facilitate removal of the fines. The remaining fraction may be oven dried in the sieve.

Available in two models, 4 or 8 in (10.2 or 20.3 cm) deep brass frame with or without a No. 16 stainless steel backing. Other depths and diameters are available as special order.

Applicable Standards

ASTM C 117

Wet Washing Sieve
P-404Wet Washing Sieve, 4 in deep
P-406Wet Washing Sieve, 8 in deep
P-40410Wet Washing Sieve, 4 in w/backing
P-40610Wet Washing Sieve, 8 in w/backing