Well Seals for Landfill Leachate and Gas Wells


DGSI manufactures a family of well head seals. The DGSI well seals provide an easy method to connect fluid and air lines, simplifying installation. Strain relief seals isolate the individual tubing sizes that support the operation of a pneumatic pump from the particle vacuum being placed on the well for methane removal.

Well Seals

Well Seal with Air-In and Fluid-Out kits.


  • The well seals are attached to the casing by mating flanges or by sealing on the diameter of the well casing with a Fernco-type flexible coupling.
  • Additional threaded openings through the seals are provided for fluid level, pressure and or temperature measurement.
  • Well seal accessories include an air-in / fluid-out kit, manifold flanges, pump exhaust diversion kit and pump flow control. Each well seal assembly includes hose clamps for attaching bundled Nylon™ tubing to an SRX pump and cable clips for securing the stainless steel cable for pump support.
  • Strategic mounting brackets that provide support for filter regulators and pulse counters are standard on all well seals.

Well Seal, Flange, or Plug Style

StyleFlangeFlange w/ 2" FNPTPlug
Part No.TR-27601TR-27602TR-27603TR-27604TR-272TR-271TR-270

6" Plug Seal with Methane Extraction

Style6" Plug w/ Methane Extraction
Part No.TR-27006

8" Universal Plug and Flange

StylePlug w/ Methane ExtractionFlange w/ Methane Extraction
Part No.TR-27005TR-27605

Exhaust Valve

Part No.TR-697

Air In / Fluid Out Kit

Part No.TR-274


StyleFluid Out ManifoldAir In Manifold
Part No.TR-27501TR-27502TR-27503TR-27501TR-27502TR-27503

Exhaust Diversion and Flow Control Kits

Kit TypeExhaust Diverter KitExhaust Restrictor Kit
Part NoTR-280TR-281

Additional DGSI landfill leachate or gas support products include:

  • Landfill pumps
  • Nylon bundled air and fluid tubing
  • Cycle / pulse counter
  • Stainless-steel pump support cable
  • Well-head module