VW MiniLogger


The VW MiniLogger is a compact datalogger designed to monitor a single VW sensor, such as a piezometer or crackmeter. It is simple to use and economical to deploy.

MiniLoggers are ideal for monitoring single sensors. Their low cost and simplicity makes them useful to monitor small numbers of sensors that are distributed around a site. It is possible to deploy four or five MiniLoggers for less than the cost of a full-size logger, while significantly reducing cable costs.

Finally, MiniLoggers are useful for supplementing a larger, centralized data acquisition system, monitoring sensors that are too remote to connect to that system.

VW MiniLogger


Simple to Use: Learn how to use the VW MiniLogger in just minutes, not hours. There are no programs to write, no switches to set, and only four wires to connect.

Communication: The VW MiniLogger uses a 9-pin serial connection (DB9) to communicate with your computer. As many laptops today no longer have serial ports, we also offer a serial-to-USB adapter that can be purchased separately.

Economical: Four or five VW MiniLoggers can be deployed for less than the cost of one full-sized logger. Cost savings in cables are also available, since MiniLoggers can be placed close to the sensor.

Reliable: The VW MiniLogger is rated for temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees C, and its encapsulated electronics are impervious to humidity and condensation. Readings are stored in secure, non-volatile memory.

Convenient Data Processing: The VW MiniLogger Manager program retrieves readings and stores them in an ASCII file, ready to open with a spreadsheet. The file contains two data values for each reading: a value in Hz and a value in engineering units. Thus calibration factors need not be applied in the spreadsheet.

VW MiniLogger

Atlas Compatible: The VW MiniLogger Manager program can save readings in the Campbell Scientific data format. Afterward, it can be forwarded automatically to Slope Indicator's Atlas Web-Based Monitoring Service.

Wireless Option: The wireless option is useful when access to the logger is difficult or when frequent retrieval is required. The wireless option is available in a spread-spectrum 900 Mhz version, which offers greater range and uses less power but is normally used only in North America, or in a spread-spectrum 2.4 Ghz version, which offers less range and uses more power, but meets requirements in other parts of the world.

Small: The VW MiniLogger measures 100 x 100 x 90 mm high (4 x 4 x 3.5 inch).

For more information

Please download the datasheet and the manual for the VW MiniLogger. These documents can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

VW MiniLogger Specifications

VW MiniLogger52613310VW MiniLogger includes interface cable and two D-cell batteries
Sensor CompatibilityReads VW sensors operating in the range of 450 to 6000 Hz. Also reads temperature sensors (RTD and thermistor)
Data StorageStores 8,000 records in secure, non-volatile memory. Each record includes a VW reading, a temperature reading, and the time and date. When memory is full, recording either stops or continues by overwriting the earliest readings, according to user preference
Logger SettingsAssign a logger ID, specify whether to stop when memory is full or to overwrite earliest readings
Sensor SettingsAssign a sensor ID, set sweep range for excitation, store calibration factors and set temperature sensor to RTD or thermistor
Reading ScheduleStarts recording on power up or at specified date and time. Records readings at intervals from one reading every two seconds to one reading per week
Logging ScheduleSet logger to start recording on power up or at a specific date and time (to synchronize readings with other MiniLoggers or data loggers). Set reading intervals to day, hour, minute, and second
PowerTwo D-cell batteries provide power for approximately six months at temperatures from -20 to +50°C, assuming readings are taken every half-hour
WeatherproofingMiniLogger electronics are completely encapsulated in waterproof resin. Polycarbonate box has O-ring seal and cable gland for signal cable
Dimensions100 x 100 x 90 mm high (4 x 4 x 3.5”)
Data RetrievalReadings are retrieved via RS-232 serial connection or by wireless link to computer running Logger Manager
USB-RS232 Adapter50310959The USB-RS232 Adapter is used with the included interface cable to allow communication between the VW Minilogger and a computer that does not have a serial port
Logger Manager SoftwareDownloadLogger Manager is used to set MiniLogger’s reading schedule and to retrieve recorded readings. Readings can be stored in a Campbell Scientific compatible format or a spreadsheet ready format