Vision is Instantel's cloud-based, web hosting application for your event data. Hosted on Instantel's secure servers, Vision gives you and your stakeholder’s instant access to all of your project information. Event data is uploaded as it is collected, so you can work with and share it immediately — from any device, 24/7!


Key Features


Locate units on a map

Place your units on an interactive Google map or chose to upload your own image. With a single mouse click, you can quickly see the location of each unit.


Record weather

After you map your units, double click a unit to see weather information when the last event was recorded and see a trend of the last 5 events recorded.


Upload photos

Track the progress of your project. With Vision, you can upload images to an album in each project to keep a secure record.


Share what you need to, when you need to

Add users to projects and set the level of access they have: Read-Only, Read/Download or Administrator.


Configurable compliance limits

Choose from a list of industry standard compliance graphs or create your own.


Secure event storage

Event information is stored in the cloud and the events are secured with a proprietary data encryption.


24/7 Access

Access your data from any internet connected device so you can monitor the status of your projects from anywhere.


Interactive Reports

View, zoom, highlight, draw, and annotate event reports. Then download it as a PDF, XML, or CSV.


Customized branding

Add your corporate logo and change Vision’s color scheme to match your company’s
corporate branding.


Post-event adjustable
units of measure

Change the units from Metric to Imperial or vice versa, even after the event has been recorded.


Configurable alarms

Find out which unit has an alarm. Vision even shows you which channel it is on: transverse, vertical or longitudinal.


Intuitive Dashboard

Quickly see the status of your projects. Check available disk space, configure system settings and set company information.

Quarry Features in Vision

Quarry Vision provides advanced reporting features designed specifically for quarry blasting operations. Many of these features are only available from Instantel.

With Quarry features in Vision, you can create blasts, adding important information like the blast number, date, time, max charge weight per delay and GPS coordinates. Using the configured date and time of the blast, Quarry Vision will register a “no trigger” event if no event is received during the time of the blast. This can be used to reassure your stakeholders that the vibration, air overpressure or sound levels were not significant enough to trigger a recording.

Units and blast locations can be tracked in Quarry Vision on a street, satellite map or an uploaded 2D or 3D image. With colour coded markers, you can identify each blasting location on the map, letting your customers see a history of blasting activity and the progress that’s been made.

In Quarry Vision projects, only the administrator can edit and publish data for viewing. This allows the Administrator to filter out extraneous vibration sources, such as those caused by dump trucks travelling near the monitoring point, so that decisions can be made on events that are truly associated to the blast, avoiding unnecessary confusion or concern over extraneous factors. All this is accomplished while the system retains all of the original data, so integrity is always maintained.

Quarry Vision offers advanced reporting and analysis features. Using the event data assigned to blasts, Quarry Vision automatically generates a compliance graph (USBM R18507 and OSMRE), a graph for peak particle velocity (PPV) over time, a compliance graph for air pressure (USBM R18485), a bar graph for peak sound pressure level (PSPL) and a scaled distance graph. As events are added to the blast, these graphs are automatically updated and displayed. Quarry Vision simplifies reporting and makes data presentation easier for your stakeholders to understand.

Vision by DGSI

How does it work?

Event data recorded with an Instantel monitoring unit can be sent directly to Vision over a cellular network. Whether connected to a computer, a server or remotely through a modem, events can be retrieved and sent to Vision automatically.

Continue recording your event data in the same way you are accustomed to. With Instantel’s desktop software, THOR, you can configure which units send data to Vision, test security credentials and assign different credentials to each project. Once you’ve configured your settings, THOR takes care of the rest and automatically pushes events to Vision – even when THOR is not running.

Recorded events are encrypted and automatically sent to Vision over a cellular network using the settings you’ve configured in THOR. The events are stored in Vision’s cloud storage, which is constantly backed up. Once the events are stored in Vision, they are automatically sorted into projects. All you need to do is log in to Vision to monitor your projects and keep your stakeholders informed.

Vision is active even when your units aren’t so you can guarantee that your data is there when you need it. Vision is available on a month to month subscription.