Vented VW Pressure Transducer


The Vented VW Pressure Transducer is designed specifically for monitoring changes in water levels in wells and stilling basins.


The  Venter VW Pressure Transducer converts water pressure to a frequency signal via a patented* arrangement of a diaphragm, a tensioned steel wire, and an electromagnetic coil. The pressure transducer is designed so that a change in pressure on the diaphragm causes a change in the tension of the wire. An electromagnetic coil is used to excite the wire, which then vibrates at its natural frequency. The vibration of the wire in the proximity of the coil generates a frequency signal that is transmitted to the readout device. The readout or data logger stores the reading in Hz. Calibration factors are then applied to the reading to arrive at a pressure in engineering units.

Vented VW Pressure Transducer


Two Ranges: The vented vw pressure transducer is available in 22 and 50 psi ranges.

Large Diameter Vent Tube: The large diameter vent tube provides quick response to changes in atmospheric pressure and cannot be blocked by droplets of condensation.

Oversize Desiccant Chamber: The large capacity, low maintenance desiccant chamber keeps the vent tube dry for 3 to 6 months.

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Venter VW Pressure Transducer Specifications

22 PSI Vented Transducer52612402
50 PSI Vented Transducer52612405
Sensor TypePluck-type vibrating wire sensor with built-in thermistor. Transducer includes dessicant chamber. Vented signal cable ordered separately
Range1.5 bar (22 psi) or 3.45 bar (50 psi)
Resolution0.025%FS with VW Data Recorder
Calibration Accuracy±0.1% FS
Maximum Pressure2 x rated range
Filter50-micron sintered stainless steel
CalibrationEleven-point calibration
Temperature Coefficient< 0.02% FS per °C
MaterialsStainless steel
Dimensions29 x 191 mm (1.125 x 7.5")
Weight0.45 kg (1 lb.)
Vented Cable50614410Shielded cable with four 22-gauge tinned- copper conductors, 0.25" vent tube, and polyurethane jacket. For use between transducer and desiccant chamber. Specify feet or meters
Splice Kit for Vented Cable50614415Contains components required to splice five conductors and vent tube
Non-Vented Signal Cable50613524Shielded cable with four 22-gauge tinned- copper conductors for use between dessicant chamber and readout station or data logger. Specify feet or meters
Desiccant Chamber52612495Prevents moisture from entering cable and vent tubing. Desiccant can be renewed in an oven. Protects one transducer. 108 x 108 x 64 mm deep (4.25 x 4.25 x 2.5")
Extra Desiccant Pack02540003Anhydrous calcium sulfate in moisture proof container. Sufficient to replace desiccant in one chamber
VW Data Recorder52613500This easy to use readout displays and records VW sensor data in Hz or Hz2, and thermistor or RTD data in degrees C. See separate data sheet
VW MiniLogger52613310The VW MiniLogger is a reliable, low-cost data logger designed to monitor a single vibrating wire sensor. See separate dataset for details
4-Channel V-Logger52615140
8-Channel V-Logger52615180
Campbell Scientific Data LoggersCompatible data loggers include the Campbell Scientific CR800 or CR1000 with VW interface or the CR6. AM16/32 multiplexer can accommodate 16 pressure transducers with temperature readings or 32 pressure transducers without temperature readings. See separate datasheet for details.