VaporGauge Vapor Emission Kit


The VaporGauge, calcium chloride concrete moisture & alkalinity test kit is used to measure the moisture vapor emission rate of concrete subfloors using anhydrous calcium chloride. In addition, a pH test kit is included with the vapor emission kit to measure the concrete alkalinity at the surface.


The VaporGauge vapor emission kit contains:

• Three (3) transparent, self-adhesive, plastic domes.
• Three (3) anhydrous calcium chloride desiccant cartridges (individually packaged & sealed).
• pH test strips and solution.
• Instructions, calculation worksheet and recording log. Test results can also be calculated online at
• Archival services for each project included with purchase. Visit for more info.

Applicable Standards

ASTM F1869-04 and F1907-04

 Sample Data (284k)

vaporgauge vapor emission kit