Ultrasonic Concrete Test System


The most advanced ultra-sonic test system for accurately identifying basic characteristics of coarse grained materials.

Quality control and inspection of concrete structures is the primary application for the Ultrasonic Concrete Testing System. It uses measurement of the speed of ultrasonic pulses through the concrete to correlate concrete strength to standard strength. It will identify non-homgeneous conditions in the structure such as honeycombs, voids, cracks, frozen concrete, etc. Use it to survey complete structures, new, old, fire damaged or weathered. The large LCD display shows a graphic waveform and the elapsed time in 0.1 microsecond increments.


ultrasonic concrete test system


The system includes two 54 KHz transducers with connecting cables, readout unit, power cord, built-in rechargeable batteries, carrying case and coupling grease. The system facilitates automatic calculation of:

• Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
• Poisson's Ratio
• Modulus of Elasticity

Simple calibration; no calibration bar required.

Applicable Standards

ASTM C 597 ; BS 1881 #201; BS 1881 #203 (206); ISO/DIS 8047

ultrasonic concrete test system in use