Static Cone Penetrometer


The Static Cone Penetrometer is used to evaluate the consistency of soils, their level of compaction and the bearing capacity of shallow foundations and pavement subgrades. Specifically developed for use in fine grained soils, particularly soft soils, they use a 60° cone with an area of 1.5 cm². An optional cone with a 3 cm² area is available for use in very soft soils.

  • Dual rod construction isolates cone resistance from shaft friction
  • Pressure gauge ranging from 0 to 70 kg/cm² reads cone resistance directly, eliminating need for proving ring conversions
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction for reliable performance
static cone penetrometer being used in field


Standard models include:

  • A 60° cone with a maximum area of 1.5 cm²
  • A Starter Rod Assembly designed to withstand an axial force of 250 lbf (340 N•m) maximum
  • Pressure gauge marked in kg/cm²
  • Operating Instructions and parts list

For More Information

Please see the User Manual and the Catalog Pages for the Satic Cone Penetrometer.

static cone penetrometer
S-215Static Cone Penetrometer w/ 24-in Starter Rod Assembly
Replacement Parts
AP-2100-1Head Assembly
S-2101860° Cone w/maximum area of 1.5 cm²
S-2151124-in Starter Rod Assembly
S2151024-in Extension Rod Assembly
S-212MInstruction Manual
S-21021“O” Ring Packing Kit (2 ea. 2404013)
Accessory Items
S-2101060° Cone with maximum area of 3 cm²
S-2150124-in Outer Rod Only
S-2150224-in Starter Inner Rod Only (actual OAL: 24.875 in)
S-2150324-in extension Inner Rod Only (actual OAL: 24 in)