Standard Compaction Kit for Proctor Test

Durham Geo's standard compaction kit for proctor test.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 698 D 1557

proctor test compaction kit

Note: Only one mixing bowl is supplied in the kit.

S-31000Standard Compaction Kit
Kit comprises:
S-3105.5 Compaction Hammer
S-3204" Compaction Mold
S-329Sample Ejector
S-35710Straight Edge, Beveled
G-30010Pan, sheet metal, 24" x 24" x 3"
P-47000Screen tray, #4
G-29101Stainless Steel Spoon
G-510Rubber Mallet
G-341Water Bottle
G-3124-qt Sample Pail w/ lid. Quantity of 4
G-30015Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (1 needed) (or use locally pruchased plastic bowls such as Rubber Maid dish pans)
For Soils with Gravel, Add:
S-3266" Compaction Mold
P-47008Screen Tray, 3/4"
P-47004Screen Tray, 3/8"
For Modified Proctor (ASTM D 1557, a,b), Add
S-311Compaction Hammer 10 lb
S-3266" Compaction Mold
GW-120Heavy Solution Balance, 1 gram
OR GW-50040 Trooper Bench Scale, 30 Kg (x.005 Kg), 60 lb (x.01 lb)
OR GW-130 Field Scale, 36 lb x 0.01 lb
OR GW-131 Field Scale, metric, 16,000 g
GO-220Bench Oven, 7.0 cu ft
OR GO-216 Double Wall Utiltity Oven 115 V (for Atterberg Limits)