Split Vacuum Molds


Machined aluminum split vacuum molds for remolding sands and other cohesionless soils. Designed to fit directly onto the Durham-Geo triaxial cell pedestal. Vacuum line harness for applying vacuum to the membrane while the test specimen is molded. The base of mold has space for the membrane and "O" rings attached to the pedestal.

Split Vacuum Molds
DiameterCompactionMiter BoxVacuum
1.4 inS-57514S-57414S-57214
1.5 in *S-57515S-57415S-57215
1 7/8 in*S-57518S-57418S-57218
2.5 inS-57525S-57425S-57225
2.8 inS-57528S-57428S-57228
3.0 inS-57530S-57430S-57230
4.0 inS-57540S-57440S-57240