Speedy Moisture Testing Kits


Determine the moisture content as percent water of most soils in about 3 minutes with Speedy Moisture Testing Kits. The measured sample is placed in the pressure chamber with calcium carbide reagent. The water in the soil and the reagent react to produce acetylene gas. The gauge reads the percent water content from 0-20% based on weight with an accuracy of 0.5%.

Speedy Moisture Testing Kit



The Moisture Testing Kits comprise of a pressure chamber with a dial gauge, scale, cleaning brushes, cloth and measuring scoop packed in a sturdy case.

It is available in two sizes, 6 gram for fine grained materials and powders and 20 gram for sand, aggregates and lumpy materials. Reagent and calibration kit are available separately.

The original S-142 Speedy Moisture testing Kit is comprised of a sturdy, waterproof carrying case containing a large, highly polished pressure chamber for 20 g samples, a 200 g electronic balance, and other related items.

The new 20 gram Aqua-Check, S-142A, is similar but comes with a tough, wear-resistant coating instead of a polished canister and is economically priced.

DGSI maintains a full line of repair parts, accessories and service for the Moisture Testing Kits.

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Please see the Catalog pages or the MSDS Sheet for Speedy Moisture Testing Kits.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 4944

Durham Geo Slope Indicator is an authorized repair and calibration facility for Speedy Moisture Devices.

Speedy Moisture Testing Kit Canisters

20 g and 6 g original "Speedy" canisters

Speedy Moisture Testing Kit


S-14220 g Speedy 2000 w/200 g balance and plastic case
S-142A20 g Aqua-Check w/200 g balance and plastic case
S-1476 g Speedy 2000 w/200 g balance and plastic case
Related Items
S-144Calcium Carbide Reagent, 24 x 1-pint cans*
S-145Calibration Kit
S-14144Pulverisers, 1¼ in (3.2 cm)
S-14044Pulverisers, 5/8 in (1.6 cm)

Most Commonly Used Replacement Part

S-14001Top Screw
S-14005Rubber Washer
S-14012Gauge Type D.2 - 0-20%
S-14020Measuring Scoop
S-14022Cleaning Cloth
S-140306 g Brush
S-14117Brass Weight, 10 g
S-14130Large Brush
GW-205Replacement Scale for S-112
* Keep calcium carbide sealed and dry as it forms acetylene gas when wet. Use only in ventilated area. Shipment made only by surface/truck or authorized hazardous material carrier.
VM-620Speedy® Moisture Tester Calibration (6 or 20 g version), per ASTM standard, (½ div.)
VM-625Speedy® Moisture Tester Calibration (6 or 20 g version) (1/4 division)