Solar-powered remediation systems

SolarRem™ Application

  • LNAPL or DNAPL recovery
  • Gas condensate recovery
  • Ground water pumping
  • Air sparging


SolarRem™ is a patented solar-powered air compressor which can be configured to run various pneumatic pumps or used for air sparging. These pump assemblies are optional. Because it uses the sun’s energy — a renewable resource — as the only power source necessary to operate recovery pumps, the SolarRem™ system is particularly friendly to the environment.

SolarRem™ - Solar-powered remediation systems.

SolarNAPL, TR-51600, in field application at a tank farm. Recovery drum and accessories are not included.

SolarNAPL™ System (TR-51600)

The SolarNAPL System is a Solar Rem system configured to provide an air source to power the optional F.A.P. Plus™ pump skimming system for product recovery. The system uses a solar panel to charge the special AGM deep cycle battery (ordered separately) specially designed for use in solar applications. The battery powers the internal DC compressor. The control panel includes a PLC allowing the operator to set system On/Off times consistent with the air requirements of the pump. The On/Off times are user defined and based on the amount of product to recover, the well’s recovery rate, and the F.A.P. Plus’ pumping rate of approximately 0.18 gpm.

Installing a F.A.P. Plus™ Pump system

Installing a F.A.P. Plus™ Pump system powered by an optional SolarRem SolarNAPL.

The standard SolarNAPL will recover between 15 to 25 gallons of product per day depending on its location. Systems are designed based on hours of sunlight. Additional solar panels and batteries may be required to achieve optimum performance for your specific site. Contact Durham Geo Slope Indicator for recommendations on solar panels and battery ampere-hour capabilities for your site.

The standard SolarNAPL System includes the NEMA 4 control panel, a 7.5 gallon air receiver tank, one 100 W solar panel, and the Tank Full shut-off. The Tank Full shut-off turns the air supply to the pumping system off when the product tank is full. The F.A.P. Plus™ Pump (TR-516), skimmer (TR517), 105 A•h Advanced Glass Matte (AGM) battery*, solar panel mounting pole (TR51613) and the bracket (TR51615) must be purchased separately.

* A 200 A•h AGM battery is required when using more than one 100 W solar panel.

TR-51600SolarNAPL Control System.
Includes compressor assembly, air receiver, 100-W solar panel, high fluid level shut-off switch.

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