SoakEase ™


Soakease applications include

  • Passive LNAPL recovery
  • Absorbent material for immediate response or minimal product.


SoakEase is a product-selective absorbent sock inside a stainless steel canister. It is used as a passive collection system for free phase product such as jet fuel, gasoline or diesel fuel from 2.00 in (5.08cm) and larger recovery wells, monitoring wells and recovery trenches. SoakEase is 36 in (0.9 m) long and is available in two sizes to accommodate specific site requirements:

  1. 2 in. absorbs 1 quart (0.95 L) of product per sock
  2. 4 in. absorbs 3 quarts (2.8 L) of product per sock

The SoakEase can be used as a bailer for periodic product removal or as a dedicated system for a more continuous method of recovery. Prior to dedicating the SoakEase, it is recommended that excess free product be removed by bailing with the SoakEase.

To use as a bailer

An absorbent sock is placed in the stainless steel canister, a cord is attached to the support loop and then lowered through the product layer. The full length of the sock should come into contact with the product for greater recovery. Immediately the SoakEase™ will begin absorbing product at a rate of approximately 0.1 gallon (0.38 L) per second, depending on the product viscosity. After some time, the SoakEase should be raised from the well, the sock removed from the canister and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

To use as a dedicated system

It is necessary to determine the amount of product present using an oil/water interface indicator as well as the water table fluctuation. When these have been determined, the SoakEase may be installed to accommodate level changes of up to 36 in (0.9 m).


SoakEase Absorbent Sock and stainless steel canister.

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Ordering Information

TB2-1012″SoakEase CanisterNote: 1.7″ OD x 39″ L
TB2-1102″SoakEase RefillNote: Case of 12 Socks
TB4-1014″SoakEase CanisterNote: 3.5″ OD x 39″ L
TB4-1104″SoakEase RefillNote: Case of 12 Socks

Tech Tip: The product absorption rate is determined by the viscosity of the product and can vary depending on site conditions. The SoakEase is designed to be used with hydrocarbon-based products. The user must determine the necessary replacement schedule by gauging site conditions. The socks can be squeezed out and reused. Approximately 80% of the original absorption can be recovered.