Sand Equivalent Test Set


The Sand Equivalent Test Set indicates the relative portion of undesirable clay-like or plastic fines and dusts that occur in granular soils and fine aggregates passing the No. 4 sieve. The sample to be tested is placed in a special solution of calcium chloride, formaldehyde and glycerin. After shaking the cylinder, it is allowed to stand for a 20-minute sedimentation period. Readings are then taken on the cylinder scale for the level of the top of the clay suspension and for the sand level. The “Sand Equivalent” is the sand reading divided by the clay reading x 100.

Sand Equivalent Test Set


The Sand Equivalent Test Set includes everything needed to perform the test, except for the Shaker.

It comprises the following items:
• Clear Plastic Measuring Cylinders 17 in high, 1 ¼ in inside diameter, graduated 0-15 in
• Stock Solution, 8 oz
• Weighted Foot Assembly, 1 kg
• Siphon Assembly
• Funnel
• Measuring Tin, 3 oz (85 ml) capacity
• Solid Stopper
• Irrigator Tube
• Carrying Case (S-28000 only)

Select from the two available models, one with carrying case and the other without.

S-28000Sand Equivalent Test Set with Case
S-28000Sand Equivalent Test Set without Case