S-611 Auto Load Frame for CBR, LBR, UCC Testing


The S-611 Auto Load frame is based on our time proven S-610 Load Frame. When connected to a PC, the S-611 Auto Load Frame offers the ability to perform, calculate, and report LBR, CBR, and UCC tests with a minimum of operator involvement. Once the test is started, the operator may leave the test area. The computer controls the S-611, records load and deflection readings, shows the test in progress on an on-screen graph, automatically stops the test, and returns the platen to the start position for the next test. The reporting software calculates results, Final reports can be printed for mailing to clients or to accompany engineering reports.

A face-mounted selector switch allows the user to choose the mode of operation between "manual" and "auto". In manual mode, the load frame operates exactly as the S-610 does.

s-611 auto load frame

S-611 is shown here with optional accessories.

Compared to the S-610, the S-611 offers three major additions...

  1. The platen will automatically retract to the lower home position when a preset load and/or displacement condition is satisfied. If computer controlled, the platen will retract when a pre-set maximum displacement, load, or load drop-off (indicating the test is completed) is reached.
  2. New Smart Digital Indicators permit continuous transmission of data. Programmable features include setting end of test conditions, collecting up to 50 data lines per second and transmitting information to the customer's PC computer using an upgraded Windows©- based serial acquisition software called WinSASTM.
  3. New CBR and UCC loads the SAS data file to produce a data report sheet complete with load-deformation plots.

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Applicable Standards

ASTM D 1883, D 2166
AASHTO T-193, T-208

S-611 Auto Load Frame being used