S-600 Triaxial Load Frame


The Durham Geo electronically controlled S-600 Triaxial Load Frame has a compression capacity of 10,000 lbf (45 kN). The user friendly Interface/Controller allows the user to set speed and distance of travel and observe actual platen position during the test. The display may be configured in the engineering units of choice and is used to simplify set-up by using screen prompts. Modular construction enhances the reliability of the system and keeps service and maintenance to a minimum.

Standard features:

  • Precision DC motor for vibration free operation
  • Motor and reduction box grease packed for long life
  • Prominent emergency stop switch on load frame
  • Micro-switch protection to prevent overtravel
  • Microprocessor based Controller provides
  • Visual LCD display for data and screen prompts
  • Set speed from 0.0001 to 0.2 in/min
  • Set travel distance before automatically stopping
  • Visual display in engineering units of platen position during test
  • Visual overtravel alarms
  • All exposed parts plated. Cover, base and cross beam are texture painted
  • Two auxilliary power sockets provided for digital accessories
s-600 triaxial load frame

S-600 shown with EZ-Daq and S-type load cell (each sold separately)

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Applicable Standards

ASTM D 2850, D 4767
AASHTO T 296, T 297

S-600Triaxial Load Frame, 110 V, 60 Hz
Min speed: 0.0001 in/min
S-60010Triaxial Load Frame, 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Min speed: 0.0001 in/min
S-6100ETriaxial Load Frame, 110 V, 60 Hz, comes with extended strain rods for triaxial shear testing.
Min speed: 0.005 in/min

Note: Model S-600 and S-60010 Triaxial Load Frame comprises the frame and controller only. Test cells, transducers and readouts must be purchased separately.