Riffle Type Sample Splitters


Riffle type sample splitters divide the sample poured into the hopper into two equal portions by two series of chutes which discharge alternately in opposite directions to separate pans. These one-piece construction splitters feature stainless steel hoppers and chutes. Pans supplied are made from cold rolled steel or stainless steel, depending on the model selected. Four pans, a scoop and cleaning brush are supplied with each model. Model P-511 is provided with a removable hopper.

Applicable Standards

ASTM B 215, C 136, C 702, C 778, D 421, D 424, D 457, D 806
AASHTO T-27, T-144, T-248

Riffle Type Sample Splitters
P-510½ in Chute Riffle Splitter
P-511¾ in Chute Riffle Splitter
P-5121 in Chute Riffle Splitter
P-5132 in Chute Riffle Splitter
P-5142 ½ in Chute Riffle Splitter

Riffle Type Sample Splitters Specifications

Hopper Size:
6¾ x 116¾ x 14¾9×209½ x 19 ½9×24
Chute Width
No. Chutes:14141688
Pan Size
10 ½ x 5 ½13 ½ x 6¾19 x 6 ½19 x 6 ½22 x 6 ½
26.7 x 14
Pan Depth
Pans Supplied44444