Proving Rings


Proving Rings have a repeatability of 0.2% and an accuracy of 1% or better. They are supplied with a dial indicator, 0.2 in range and 0.0001 in divisions.

The rings have tapped female ends, 1/2 in - 20 threads. Each ring is supplied with a calibration chart.

Proving Rings
E-708250 lbf (1.1 kN)1/2%.25
E-710500 lbf (1.1 kN)1/2%0.5
E-7111000 lbf (1.1 kN)1%1.0
E-7122000 lbf (1.1 kN)1%2.0
E-7132500 lbf (1.1 kN)1%2.5
E-7145000 lbf (1.1 kN)1%5
E-71610000 lbf (1.1 kN)1%20.0