Pocket Penetrometers


Durham Geo's Pocket Penetrometers are commonly used on split spoon and thin walled tube samples to evaluate consistency and approximate unconfined compressive strength of saturated cohesive soils. They may also be used for the same purpose in test pits.


We offer two models of Pocket Penetrometers, each has the sliding scale marked in kg/cm and TSF (i.e., 1 kg/cm² = 1 TSF) and is supplied with a carrying pouch, operating and calibration instruction sheet:

  • The S-170 has a Delrin™ body and laser etched markings on the sliding scale
  • The S-170B has a nickel plated brass body and laser etched markings on the sliding scale

Both have the same stainless steel shaft and internal components.

An optional foot adapter is available for use with both models. This increases the piston area 16 times, making it suitable for use in very soft clays.

Pocket Penetrometers

S-170 (top), S-170B (bottom)

For More Information

Please see the Instruction Manual for DGSI's Pocket Penetrometers.

S-170Pocket Penetrometer, Delrin™ Body
S-170BPocket Penetrometer, Nickel Plated Body
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