Pocket Dial Thermometers


Durham geo’s pocket dial thermometers designed for field use and spot checking.


Made with a stainless steel 5 in (12.7 cm) stem and 1 in (2.5 cm) diameter dial. A pocket case with clip is included. Available in five mechanical and one digital version with LCD display. All models come with a pocket carrier.

pocket dial thermometers
G-160Pocket Thermometer, .-40° to 160°F w/2° divs
G-161Pocket Thermometer, .25° to 125°F w/1° divs.
G-1612Pocket Thermometer, .25° to 125°F w/1° divs., box of 12.
G-162Pocket Thermometer, .0° to 220°F w/2° divs.
G-163Pocket Thermometer, .50° to 550°F w/5° divs.
G-164Pocket Thermometer, .0° to 100°C w/1° divs.