Overfill Protection Devices - Tank-Full Shut-Off (Pneumatic)

Tank-Full Shut-Off (Pneumatic)

Shuts off fluid supply to remediation tanks when full.


This pneumatic device is activated by a high liquid level in the recovery tank. Once activated, it shuts the air supply to the pneumatic pump, stopping fluid discharge to the tank.

EnclosurePVC and 6061 aluminum
Chemical Compatibility, Exterior ComponentsRefined petroleum products
Compressed Gas Supply0 to 100 psi, filtered to 40 microns
(see note 1)
Compressed Gas Consumption0 scfm
Control Valve2 way, normally open, 20 scfm @ 100 psi (see note 2)
Operating Temperature33 to 120°F. (see note 3)
Compressed Gas ConnectionsPrimary ¼” O.D. push-to-connect tubing fittings. Secondary ¼” female NPT on bulk heads
Operation Status IndicatorPressure indicator colorimetric, “Green” compressed gas is supplied to pumps, “Black” compressed gas is shut off to pump(s)
Reset After Shut DownManually operated
Note 1: The use of synthetic oil in an air compressor can cause chemical deterioration of components In the Control Valve that could result in failure of the unit.
Note 2: The TR- 75713 can support up to six FAP+ZW skimmer pumps.
Consult with a factory representative before using a larger number.
Note 3: If the unit must be operated in temperatures less than 33°F., then a desiccant air dryer must be used to reduce the dew point of the moisture in the compressed gas to a lower temperature than ambient. If using inert compressed gas, check with the supplier concerning the dew point temperature of the inert gas supplier.
TR-75713Tank-Full Shut-Off (pneumatic)
Tank-Full Shut-Off (Pneumatic)