Permeability and Triaxial Cells


The DGSI Permeability and Triaxial Cells are designed to accommodate samples with diameters from 1.4 to 12 in (35 mm to 305 mm).

They feature removable base pedestals to accommodate various sample sizes and no-volume-change valves. The piston housing features linear bearings for reduced friction. Two top and bottom drainage lines are provided with through-base-sealing to avoid air traps.

Real test sample

Permeability and Triaxial Cells


Designed to provide outstanding performance, the cells have hard coated, black anodized aluminum bases and cell tops, while remaining parts are stainless steel, brass or acrylic.

The Cells are supplied with all necessary fittings, tubing, connectors, porous stones and "O" rings. Triaxial cells are supplied with hardware for mounting a dial indicator or add part number E-344 for mounting a transducer.

See cell installed on a load frame

Spare parts for cells

Fully instrumented cell on a load frame

Permeability and Triaxial Cells