PerformaTherm™ Non-Mercury Thermometers


PerformaTherm™ non-mercury thermometers have precise tolerances, low uncertainty, and quick response time, just like mercury instruments. PeformaTherm’s STB blue liquid is safer than both mercury and most traditional spirit thermo-meter liquids. The proprietary formula is biodegradable, nontoxic, noncaustic, and nonhazardous. The dark blue liquid is easily read against our white-backed stem for additional assurance against errors. PeformaTherm meets all ASTM standards for accuracy, tolerance and uncertainty. Manufactured for use at 76mm immersion.

PerformaTherm™ Non-Mercury Thermometers
G-170PTNon-Mercury Lab Therm.; 12” (-20/110°C, 0.5 div)
G-176PTNon-Mercury Lab Therm.; 12” (2/230°F, 1.0 div)
G-169PTNon-Mercury Lab Therm.; 18” (-1/51°C, 0.1 div)
G-18710PTNon-Mercury Lab Therm.; 18” (30/124°F, 0.2 div)