Motor-Driven Sand Equivalent Shaker


The Motor-Driven Sand Equivalent Shaker is recommended for laboratories performing sand equivalent tests on a regular basis. Positive direct gear DC drive has no belts to assure precise speed and stroke. The Shaker has two solid state timers for fixed times of 45 seconds and 10 minutes as used in Sand Equivalent and Durability Index tests respectively. The 8 in throw at 175 cpm is smooth and quiet.

Motor-Driven Sand Equivalent Shaker

All the mechanical parts are housed in a sturdy metal case with provision for permanent mounting. The Test Cylinder is held securely by a base pin and spring loaded holder.

Dimensions: (W x D x H): 31 x 12 x 14 in (78 x 31 x 36 cm)

The Motor-Driven Sand Equivalent Shaker is also used in the Durability Index Test which measures the relative resistance of an aggregate to produce undesirable clay-like fines when subjected to certain mechanical methods of degradation

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 2419
AASHTO T-176, T-210
California 217, 219

S-28050Mechanical Motor-Driven, 115 V, 60 Hz
S-28051Mechanical Motor-Driven, 230 V, 60 Hz
S-28060Hand-Operated, Spring-Type