Mini PVC Bladder Pumps


Applications for Mini PVC Bladder Pumps include

  • Specially designed for low flow sampling.
  • Low flow ground water purging and sampling
  • 2 in Sch 40 and larger-diameter wells


The mini PVC Bladder pumps are an ideal choice for low flow portable or dedicated sampling applications where stainless steel is not required. This may be especially true in landfill applications. The 1.3-inch diameter pump can be installed in 2-inch and larger wells. The low stroke volume 35 ml per cycle substantially reduces the fluid velocity at the pump inlet when compared to traditional bladder pumps. The high efficiency design provides flow rates from 35 ml and allows sampling up to 200 feet. All pumps can be supplied contaminant free. Constructed of PVC, the pump uses a flexible squeeze type internal bladder. Bladder life is rated at several million cycles. The pump can be dissembled should access be required. Rounded bottom inlet reduces the possibility of the pump hanging up during installation. Integral screened fluid entry ports allows for point source sampling. 1/4” Push-Lok fittings provide for quick and easy tubing connections. A controller and an air source is required to operate the PVC Mini Bladder pump. We offer two models of Bladder Pump Controllers.

mini pvc bladder pumps

Ordering Information

TR-070PVC Mini Bladder Pump, 1.33 in
TR-071PVC Mini Bladder Pump, 1.66 in


Dedicated Bladder Pumps

Dedicated applications where the pump and tubing are permanently installed in the well may greatly reduce sampling costs and improve sample quality. This method reduces the mixing of the water column during installation of the pump that occurs in portable use. Normally this will reduce the stabilization time during low flow sampling. In the dedicated scenario the pump and tubing are connected at the surface to the locking well cap. The field technician will simply connect the air supply and discharge tubing to the bulkhead fitting suspended below the locking well cap and begin to sample.


Locking Caps

Locking caps provide a convenient way to suspend bladder pumps in dedicated installations. The cap has an expandable gland that holds it firmly in place and seals the well to prevent entry of surface water or contaminants. The cap includes connections for a stainless steel suspension cable and fittings for tubing from the pump. A 0.75 inch port allows a water level probe to pass through so that water level measurements can be made.

mini pvc bladder pumps locking caps