Mercury Thermometers


These single scale, stem type mercury thermometers are designed for general laboratory use.


They are made from quality glass capilliary tubing, sealed at one end with a thin wall tubular bulb at the other. Numbers, graduations and recommended immersion depths are engraved on all the nine thermometers in the range.

G-169General Lab Therm. -1° to 50°C x 0.1
G-170General Lab Therm. -10° to 110°C
G-171General Lab Therm. -20° to 150°C
G-173General Lab Therm. -10° to 260°C
G-174General Lab Therm. -10° to 400°C
G-175General Lab Therm. -30° to 120°F
G-176General Lab Therm. 0° to 230°F
G-177General Lab Therm. 0° to 300°F
G-178General Lab Therm. 20° to 500°F
G-179General Lab Therm. 20° to 750°F