Mechanical 3D Crackmeter


The mechanical 3D crackmeter is used with a dial indicator to monitor movement at joints and cracks. Typical applications include:

  • Monitoring construction joints to evaluate structural performance.
  • Monitoring cracks in structures near active construction sites.
  • Monitoring movement of rock masses in natural rock formations.
Mechanical 3D Crackmeter


Readings are obtained by inserting a the probe of a dial indicator through the access holes to contact opposite component. Take three sets of XYZ readings to ensure that you have a good baseline for comparison. Compare subsequent readings to the baseline. Changes indicate that movement has occurred.


Easy Installation: Installation requires only two drill holes. Welding plates are also available.
Simple Operation: The crackmeter is read manually with a digital micrometer.

probe for obtaining readings from mechnical 3d crackmeter

For more information

Please download the datasheet for the mechanical 3D crackmeter. This document can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Mechanical 3D Crackmeter Specifications

Aluminum 3D Crackmeter51708800
Stainless 3D Crackmeter91708800
The mechanical 3D crackmeter consists of a long arm component and a reference component with integral anchors, an alignment block, screws, and a wrench. Dial indicator is not included.
Range X, Y, Z0 to 12.5 mm (0 to 0.5 in)
MaterialsAluminum or stainless steel body, stainless steel anchors
Length, Width, Height190x 50 x 45 mm, (7.5 x 2 x 1.75 in), excluding anchors
Anchors12.5x 76 mm (0.5 x 3 in)
Anchor Spacing140 mm ( 5.5 in), center to center
Suggested Drill Holes25 mm x 76 mm ( 1 x 3 in ) to accommodate anchor and grout. At least 50 mm (2 in) of anchor should be embedded in grout
Suggested GroutEpoxy, non-shrinking
Dial Indicator with Collar51708868K
Alignment Collar Only51708867
Digital dial indicator provides range of 50mm (2 in) and resolution of 0.01mm (0.001 in). The alignment collar is included
Alignment collar greatly improves measurement precision. Collar is included indicator above, but available separately for user-supplied indicators. Fits 9.5mm (0.375 in) stem and accomodates shaft diameters to 4.8 mm (0.190 inch)
Weldable Anchor Kit51708855Weldable anchor kit includes two weldable plates for mounting the crackmeter on steel structures