Marshall Mechanical Compactor Set


The Marshall Mechanical Compactor Set is used for mechanical compaction of asphalt samples for Marshall testing. Mechanical compaction reduces inaccuracies involved in hand compaction and eliminates much of the work.


This set includes an automatic counter unit for pre-selecting the number of hammer blows, after which the unit will automatically shut off. Lift and release mechanism on hammer weight ensures uniform impact on hammer foot. A constant surcharge weight is maintained on hammer foot during compaction, and face of hammer foot is held squarely against specimen at all times.

marshall mechanical compactor

Compactors can be ordered as single or double units, and are supplied with a beveled hammer face and rotating base or with a flat hammer face and a non-rotating base. Compactors will accommodate hammers for either 4 or 6 in. diameter molds, and a change-over can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. A pedestal, as required by ASTM, is included with the compactor.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 1559 AASHTO T 245