Los Angeles Abrasion Machines


Los Angeles Abrasion Machines are used as quality control tools for aggregates, including crushed rock, gravel and slag. The testing method determines the degradation when subjected to abrasion, attrition, impact and grinding. The sample is placed in the drum along with a hardened steel abrasive charge. After rotating the drum a specific number of times, samples are removed and examined for wear.

C-658 Los Angeles Abrasion Machines


Durham Geo offers two models; a basic model and an enclosed model. Both Los Angeles Abrasion Machines are constructed from structural steel with a welded 1/2 in (1.27 cm) thick drum wall. The drum is fitted with a removable shelf in accordance with ASTM “preferred design” recommendations. Rotation is provided by an electric motor with speed reduction and enclosed chain drive to allow the drum to turn at 30-33 rpm.

The enclosed model is a new design that meets OSHA sound and mechanical safety requirements. An interlock prevents operation unless the double hinged lid is closed.

Both models, (C-658 and C-660) come with a 25 kg abrasive charge and a heavy duty catch pan.

Applicable Standards

ASTM C 131, C 535

C-660 Los Angeles Abrasion Machines
C-658L.A. Abrasion Machine, 115 V, 60 Hz
C-65815L.A. Abrasion Machine, 230 V, 50 Hz
C-660Enclosed L.A. Abrasion Machine, 230 V, 60 Hz 1phase
C-66015Enclosed L.A. Abrasion Machine, 230 V, 50 Hz 1 phase
C-66020Abrasion Charge, set of 12