Load Cells


Load cells measure the total load applied to a sample.


Durham Geo S-Type load cells display excellent long term stability and have significant overload characteristics to protect against accidental damage. They are made in a variety of ranges and are easily adapted to any type of load frame. Select from the range, or contact us for information on other ranges available and calibration in other engineering units.

Load cells have tapped female ends with 1/2 x 20 tpi for E-210 and E-212, and 3/4 x 16 tpi for E-214, E-215, E-216 and E-217.

Durham Geo Load Cells
Durham Geo Load Cells
E-210S-Type 0.5k5002.20.10.0004
E-212S-Type 2.5k2,50011.11.00.004
E-214S-Type 6.0k6,00026.71.00.004
E-216S-Type 10.0k10,00044.51.00.004
E-215Cylindrical Type 6.0k6,00026.71.00.004
E-217Cylindrical Type 10.0k10,00044.51.00.004

For More Information

Please download the datasheet for Center-Hole Load Cells.

Load Cells Specifications

Sensor TypeResistance strain gauges wired to provide a single output of 2.5mv/v ±10%
Part Numbers, Range, & DimensionsSee table at below
Linearity1% FS
Overload Capacity100%
CentralizerCentralizer is used to center load cell on tiebacks or rock bolts. User can adjust inside diameter of centralizer within range listed in table
Signal CableAttached to load cell at factory. Must be ordered at same time as load cell
English Unit Specifications
Load CellCapacity US TonID x OD x Height InchesBearing Area Inch2CentralizerCentralizer ID, Inch
51301050501.67 x 3.5 x 3.251.67513021170.5 to 1.5
513011001001.67 x 3.5 x 3.253.33513021170.5 to 1.5
513011521502 x 4.25 x 3.55513021200.5 to 1.5
513011531503 x 5 x 4.55513021301.0 to 2.5
513012252002.5 x 5 x 4.56.67513021251.0 to 2.0
513012352003.5 x 6 x 5.56.67513021351.5 to 3
513013303003 x 6 x 4.510513021301.0 to 2.5
513013403004 x 6.63 x 610513021401.5 to 3.5
Metric Equivalent of Specifications Above
Load CellCapacity Metric TonID x OD x Height mmBearing Area mm2CentralizerCentralizer ID mm
513010504542 x89 x8310775130211713 to 38
513011009042 x 89 x 8321485130211713 to 38
5130115213551 x 108 x 8932255130212013 to 38
5130115313576 x 127 x 11432255130213026 to 64
5130122518064 x 127 x 11443035130212526 to 51
5130123518089 x 152 x 14043035130213538 to 76
5130133027076 x 152 x 11464515130213026 to 64
51301340270102 x 168 x 15264515130214038 to 89
Signal Cable50613527Shielded cable with seven 22-gauge tinned-copper conductors and polyurethane jacket. Specify cable length required for each load cell
Universal Connector57705001Connector is not required when load cell is used with data logger
Universal Terminal Box57711600Provides connections for 12 sensors and an indicator. Sensors selected by rotary switch. Weatherproof fiberglass box measures 290 x 345 x 135 mm (11.5 x 13.5 x 5.25"). Not required when load cell is connected to data logger
CR10X Data Logger56701110CR10X can read the centerhole load cell. Up to five load cells can be connected to each AM16/ 32 multiplexer. See separate data sheet
DataMate MP57710900DataMate MP readout can read center hole load cells. See separate data sheet
Load Cell Indicator51300900Portable indicator for center-hole load cells. Displays, but does not record readings. Includes battery, charger, and jumper cable. Specify plug type needed for charger. Also specify if you are using the universal connector or terminal box, since they require a special jumper