Hydrometer Test Set


ASTM committee D 18 developed the ASTM hydrometer specifically for particle size analysis of soils. The Hydrometer Test Set is used to indirectly measure particles smaller than No. 200 present in a suspension at a given time. The stem of the ASTM hydrometer is scaled to read either specific gravity of the suspension (most preferred) or grams per liter of suspension.


The Hydrometer Test Set includes:

• ASTM Soils Hydrometer
• Hydrometer Jar
• Mechanical Stirring Apparatus with special paddle
• Sodium Hexametaphosphate dispersing agent

Hydrometer Test Set
S-305Hydrometer Test Set, 110 V, 60 Hz
Set Includes:
S-300ASTM Soils Hydrometer, SG scale
S-30010Hydrometer Jar, 1000 ml scale
S-30020Stirring Apparatus w/Cup & Paddle
S-30060Sodium Hexametaphosphate, 1 lb
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P-610Soil Grinder, motor driven, tripod mount
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S-179Soil Grinder, motor driven, pedestal mount
S-30015Rubber Stopper for Hydrometer Jar, S-30010
S-30060-5Sodium Hexmetaphosphate, 5 lb