Hot Plates


Hot Plates for sample drying, general reagent heating, evaporation and heating asphaltic product.



The Hot Plates have aluminum, cast iron or porcelain coated stainless tops with embedded heating elements to provide temperature uniformity and stability. This ensures that there is less chance for “cold” or “hot” spots.

Hot plates with tubular elements may be less expensive but do not offer the above benefits.

Thermostatic temperature control senses top plate temperature to provide excellent stability. Aluminum tops offer control at low temperatures and are recommended for glass vessels only. Cast iron tops accommodate metal vessels. The porcelain coated stainless steel top has excellent corrosion resistance and is recommended for use with glass vessels.

The 12 x 24 hot plate case is painted with epoxy paint for increased chemical resistance in corrosive environments.  The 12 x 12 in and 12 x 24 in plates accommodate up to 40 lb (18 kg) loads.  All models are 50/60 Hz.

GO-235Hot Plate, 6-1/4 x 6-1/4, 120 V
GO-23510Hot Plate, 6-1/4 x 6-1/4, 240 V
GO-236Hot Plate, 9 x 9, 120 V
GO-23610Hot Plate, 9 x 9, 240 V
GO-237Hot Plate, 12 x 12, 120 V
GO-23710Hot Plate, 12 x 12, 240 V
GO-238Hot Plate, 12 x 24, 120 V
GO-23810Hot Plate, 12 x 24, 240 V
GO-239Hot Plate, 7 x 7, 120 V
GO-23910Hot Plate, 7 x 7, 240 V