Gravel Washer


The Gravel Washer is for aggregate samples containing clays and fines. The fixed-incline, removable, stainless steel drum rotates to agitate the sample as water is fed in with the gooseneck tube. The overflow from the drum lip is usually passed through a No. 200 sieve until clear.


The P-620/622 Gravel Washer series has a sealed motor with chain-driven rubber rollers. Supplied with tubing and saddle valve for water hook-up and a 6-ft GFCI power cord.

Gravel Washer

A vacuum lid is available for the P-620 washer which will allow the user to convert the washer into a pycnometer. The P-620 can then be used for determining the specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures. Made from clear acrylic. Fitted with a rotating vacuum seal, vacuum port connection and locking tabs. Its quiet operation and unique action of the rotating drum allows the sample to tumble under water during the vacuum process to remove air trapped in the sample.

P-62012-qt Aggregate Washer, 4500 gm capacity, 115VAC 50/60HZ   40-lb, 6 cu ft
P-6201512-qt Aggregate Washer, 4500 gm capacity, 220VAC 50/60HZ   40-lb, 6  cu ft
P-62220-qt Aggregate Washer, 6000 gm capacity, 115VAC 50/60HZ   140-lb, 14 cu ft
P-6221520-qt Aggregate Washer, 6000 gm capacity, 220VAC 50/60HZ   140-lb, 14 cu ft
Replacement Parts
P-6200512-qt Stainless Steel Drum, 5-lb, 0.7 cu ft
P-6220520-qt Stainless Steel Drum, 7-lb, 1.1 cu ft
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