Gilson Sample Splitters


Gilson Sample Splitters feature patented adjustable width chutes and a lever released hopper. This results in good accuracy for mixing and reducing samples to representative smaller volumes suitable for laboratory testing.

The adjustable width chutes allow one splitter to replace several fixed chute splitters. These Splitters are available with load capacities from 50 lb to 500 lb and particle sizes from 60 microns to 6 in. Three models are featured here with capacities from 1 ft3 down to 125 in3 and particles from 4 in to ¼ in.

The universal chute section is comprised of a set of precise dimensioned aluminum bars that pivot about a rod through their lower ends. The top ends of the bars are flipped to alternate sides to form chutes of pre-determined widths.

The splitters are made from durable steel with a baked paint finish with aluminum chute bars and pans. Model P-502 is made from stainless steel, except for the aluminum chute bars and pans. All models come with two sample pans.




Applicable Standards

ASTM B 215, C 136, C 702, C 778, D 421, D 424, D 457, D 806
AASHTO T-27, T-144, T-248

P-500Gilson® Sample Splitter, 1 ft 3 hopper capacity, 4 in max. particle size
P-50001Gilson® Replacement Pan for P-500
P-501Gilson® Sample Splitter, 0.55 ft3 hopper capacity, 2 in max. particle size
P-50101Gilson® Replacement Pan for P-501
P-502Gilson® Sample Splitter, 125 in 3 hopper capacity, ¼ in max. particle size
P-50202Gilson® Replacement Pan for P-502