Georgia Swell Mold Device


The S-324 Georgia Swell Mold Device and related accessories are designed to meet the specifications of Georgia test method GDT-6 "Method of Test For Determining Volume Change of Soil".

The S-324 Georgia Swell Mold Device meets the specifications for both the "Swell" and "Shrinkage" molds. The S-32402 Gauge Block is used to "zero" the dial indicator (part # E-814) when the indicator is placed either in the Dial Indicator Holder with Granite Base (part # E-885), or the Cross Head Reference Bar (part # S-32401). The specification also calls for a Number 1 Qualitative, 4 in diameter, Paper (part # 32405).

Applicable Standards

Georgia Test Method GDT-6

georgia swell mold device
S-324GA DOT Volume Change Mold, 4' Mold Assembly with Perforated Base Plate