Filter/Regulator for Landfill Leachate and Gas Wells


The Filter/Regulator supplies proper air pressure to the SRX LP pump and optimizes air consumption. the filter / regulator should be installed at the well head.


Includes a 5-micron filter, various fittings and mounting brackets to meet most requirements. Compatible with SRX LP and most other pumps and applications.


  • 10.3 in x 2.48 in


  • 0-125 psi (Max. 150 psi)

Fittings included:

  • Brackets, tube and hose fittings are included for SRX LP installations and DGSI well seals. Some assembly required.


  • Less than 1 psi pressure drop while passing 20 scfm at 100 psig.

Additional DGSI landfill leachate or gas support products include:

  • Landfill pumps
  • Nylon bundled air and fluid tubing
  • Stainless-steel pump support cable
  • Well Seals