The TRUE zero-water, product-only recovery system

Groundwater remediation pump with "Zero Water" pneumatic logic and AccuPos™ indicator.

Remediation Applications

  • LNAPL and DNAPL recovery.
  • Recovery of a wide range of products from light-end hydrocarbons with SSU values of 80 or lower, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluids, to more viscous products like #6 heating oils. For recovering products with higher viscosities, the F.A.P. Plus™ may be used with our high-viscosity rod skimmers or our density skimmers.
  • 2" or larger wells.
F.A.P. Plus™ ZW System
Screen image for F.A.P. Plus™ ZW System


The F.A.P. Plus™ ZW groundwater remediation pump (TR-51640) consists of a flexible, special inner bladder and a flexible Buna-N® hose which forms the outer pump body. The pump operates by alternately inflating and deflating the annular space between the inner bladder and the outer hose. When compressed air is applied, the inner bladder collapses. When the air is exhausted, the inner bladder rebounds to its original shape thereby causing a suction which pulls fluid into the pump and up to the surface. The pump is capable of producing a suction of 17 inches of mercury for the recovery of viscous product and operation in deep wells up to 200 feet.

F.A.P. Plus™ ZW is an upgraded version of the basic F.A.P. Plus™ pump. The ZW model incorporates the “Zero Water” pneumatic logic that stops and starts the F.A.P. Plus™ ZW automatically — depending on the position of the skimmer inlet — and prevents the ingress of water when the water level rises more than the skimmer travel allows. The AccuPos™ Indicator helps locate the product/water interface level accurately which makes it easy to install the pump at the correct depth.


The F.A.P. Plus™ ZW remediation pump system comprises seven main components:

F.A.P. Plus™ ZW pump

Skimmer Assembly

Well Clincher

Pneumatic Overfill Protection Device

Filter/Regulator Assembly

Electric Air Compressor


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