EZ-DAQ™ Data Acquisition Readout

Basic 8-Channel Data Acquisition Readout for the Laboratory.


Laboratory Managers who want to collect data automatically from their current laboratory equipment will find the EZ-DAQ Data Acquisition Readout to be an affordable, easy-to-use, basic 8-channel data acquisition system with connections for up to eight industry-standard sensors. It is an ideal replacement for our E-4XX Series digital readouts.

The system can support as many as six individual tests with each test capable of having its own sampling rate. The EZ-DAQ-Soft software (included) gives the ability to display up to eight active channels of data simultaneously on a PC.

EZ-DAQ Data Acquisition Readout

EZ-DAQ shown with eight sensors (Sensors sold separately)


  • 10 V dc instrumentation excitation supply
  • mV, V, mA instrumentation output types
  • Multiple instrumentation output ranges
  • View live test data on color screen
  • Sample rate of 10 per second
  • Simple USB connection to the computer
  • Windows®-based software available for data viewing and exporting. Easy data “dump” to MS Excel


  •  View live data on bright touch-screen
  • Windows-based software for data viewing and exporting
  • Flexible, reliable, robust

Limitations: EZ-DAQ is not a data logger because it does not store data. EZ-DAQ does not perform data reduction and it is not compatible with WinSAS™.

For More Information

Brochure for EZ-DAQ Data Acquisition Readout

EZ-DAQ System, 110/220 V ac, 50/60 Hz. Includes EZ-DAQ device, Ethernet/USB adaptor, 5-ft Ethernet cable, EZ-DAQ Soft software for PC
E-8000EAs above with US Customary units
E-8000MAs above with SI unitis